About Us

 BetProduct Company is supplier of software for bookmaker offices and business. We guarantee the high reliability and the most favorable conditions for the operators of lotteries, casinos and betting shops.


We are a reliable partner in the field of gambling and the development of betting products that are certified and licensed worldwide.


Over the past two years, our leading certifications were obtained. In this paper, we consider all the security systems and personal data users resistance to high loads, logic and ease of play and interfaces, design and commercial attractiveness, modernization and ease of support.

Our clients with the legal field activities, providing  legal work schemes:


• First-class and fair games;

• Earnings per minute and around the clock;

• Attracting and retaining the players.

• Only the real and independent events;

• Betting assessment of the probabilities;

• Certified, validated by examinations.

• Our games Sport line + 25,000 live per month, Keno, Pokerbet Virtual Racing, Fortuna, SIC BO, Virtual Basketball, Virtual Football

Букмекерский веб сайт Казино под ключ Виртуальный спорт

All products (racing, horse racing, keno, poker, etc.) can work in one system unit and controlled by a single operator (cashier). In addition, this computer should have a number of video outputs for external screens (TVs), which is necessary for the withdrawal of all broadcasts you are interested in the products.

PC  Intel® Pentium® Dual Core i3, DDR3 4056Mb, HDD160Gb,

Video PCI-E 2.0 ASUS GT610-1GD3-L, 1Гб, DDR3, Low Profile, Ret
Monitor       LG 17-19″
TV    LG 32″
Termoprinter    Star TSP143
Scaber    Cipherlab 1070 CCD SCANNER USB​

Корпус    TP-8

PC    Intel
Monitor   LG 19”
Payment terminal   NV10

Software Development

Taking into account our extensive experience in the development of the game from the ground up around the game, financial and accounting Web applications, we are ready to take whole complex of works for writing the job design, implementation and testing completely, the whole concept of  bringing the game into life.


In addition, to the presented in this catalog are products we have implemented such projects as "Tote with Live broadcast", "Online Bookmaker", "Slot Games", "Virtual Championships", "Keno", "POKERBET", "Dog and horse races", and many other products.

We will be able to evaluate the commercial attractiveness of the product, calculate the market, offer their own channels of the project and make suggestions and ideas.

Equipment for interactive clubs

Online applications of our Company, such as casinos and online races, work on any personal computers and laptops, are thus no special requirements to their technical characteristics.


All current and potential partners BetProduct are offered help in selection, installation and configuration of equipment to work with these products. Also the Company is helping to purchase equipment that will soon begin to work.


 In this case, you get the most reliable equipment from the best manufacturers, proved by the BetProduct`s professionals and meets all requirements of the program software