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Curacao Gaming License

Image shows Curacao Egaming banner

We can help you take care of everything you need in order to set up and operate your Curacao online e Gaming company, such as:​

  • Gaming company formation – Incorporating the Holding Company

  • Procedure and documentation

  • Bank accounts and payments

  • Obtaining the Curacao e-Gaming sub License

Curaçao has two types of gambling licenses

a Master license and a Sub-license and while both cover gaming operators and allow the same essential rights for e-gaming businesses, there is a distinction between the two; by obtaining a Master license, an operator is able to offer sublicenses, however a sub-license holder is unable to offer sub-licenses

Master license: It provides a license for the e-gaming company itself and provides the possibility to enable other third parties through a sub-license, subject to the responsibility and covenants under the Master license.

In order to obtain a Master License, the decision to approve the request is solely at the discretion of the Minister of Justice, based on the documentation submitted by the Netherlands Antilles counsel. It has become extremely difficult to obtain a master license in Curacao.

Sub-license: While it offers the same rights to perform e-gaming activities in a legitimate manner, a sub-license does not enable holders to extend the sub-license to third parties.

In order to obtain a Sub-license, operators must meet certain basic criteria.

Compliance with Due Diligence KYC policies, full identification of Ultimate beneficial Owner (UBOs), satisfactory reference on UBO and detailed and transparent description of the games to be offered.

Online gaming operators can obtain a sub-license in order to run Internet gambling operation for the Netherland Antilles.

There are licensing fees per month during the first two years. After the first two years, a new license fee can be determined



Not all gaming activities require that a company be formed in Curacao, however, forming a Curaçao company can enable companies to apply for an e-zone permit. Having an e-Zone permit has its advantages, such as:



O% tax on gross bets

2% corporation tax for e-Zone companies that retain annual compliance.

No VAT, Sales Tax or import duties

No restriction on individual profit withdrawals.

Licenses for different types of gambling business



BetProduct offers  a Curacao license - Complex solution for any kind of gambling:

Online casino


Poker room

Virtual sport



Cryptocurrency casino

Forbidden territories: USA, France, Curacao, Netherlands.


Advantages of obtaining gambling license in Curaçao:

Curaçao is known for being one of the world’s oldest, most politically stable and reputable gaming licensing jurisdictions.

Curacao offers taxes in comparison with other jurisdictions.

Curacao is known for its fairness in handling disputes.

Single offshore Curacao license allows a company to be involved in Betting, Casino, Poker, Lotto and other gaming-related activities without being required to obtain one license for each individual product.

The cost of obtaining a Curacao license is less expensive than other jurisdictions.

Regulation in Curacao is less encumbering of businesses, allowing operators to act more freely. Curaçao’s infrastructure offers a wide array of services for online gaming operators and providers, such as high-capacity private racks, private cloud services, custom dedicated servers amidst other hosting options. Cated servers amidst other hosting options. 2% corporation tax for e-Zone companies that retain annual compliance

Curacao license and the company's cost
EUR  25'000  for two domains per year
The coast of sub license from 12'000 EURO for two domains per year
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