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Prerecord Games

This is our Services Page. It's a great opportunity to provide information about the games our provide.

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Virtual Football League

Virtual Premier League is a real football game simulator, where teams from England  Premier League play in Home and Away positions.

 Virtual Soccer

 Exciting game based on the real video  clips soccer matches of the past . In pre-record soccer, you will see the best goals in the history of football and the best football players in history . 

Virtual Penalty

Exciting game based on the real video films football penalty of the past. Great rates, close to the sports betting line bookmaker offices.

Virtual Hockey  NHL 

As they say, Hockey is a game for real men, and the NHL is the best professional hockey league in the world and that says it all. 

Virtual  Basketball

Addicting game and really full of action, based on real video clips of NBA matches of yesteryear. In the pre-recorded NBA you will see the best hits in the ring, the best dunks, 

Virtual Football

Pre-Record American Football is America's # 1 sport, a truly addicting and action-packed game with incredible athletic moves, passing precision, running speed and team strategy. 

Virtual Tennis

An addictive game full of many sports surprises, based on real video clips of tennis matches. In a pre-recorded tennis match.

Horses Race

BetProduct offers pre-recorded virtual horses video content from the actual race events where 6 horses compete against each other on the track to become a winner. 


BetProduct offers pre-recorded greyhounds' races where players can bet on real-life races and choose a winner among six dogs.

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