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Concorde Plane
Concorde game screen
How to Play?

1.Make a bet before flyoff

2. Risk and wait for coefficient to increase

3.Make cashout before explosion
Concorde game bang

Concord is a new game where you can win money quickly and easily.

How to play concord?
Enter - the desired amount in the bet line, you have the ability to make one or two bets in one round. the minimum bet is 0.1 and the maximum is 300.

How is the payoff calculated?
The win is calculated by multiplying the current height coefficient by the amount of the bet.

How do i get the win?
The player wins if he manages to use the pick button before the explosion (the profit is instantly displayed on the balance sheet). in the event of an explosion, the bet is considered lost.

How is the jackpot played?
0.03% goes to the jackpot from each bet, that is, if the bet is $ 100, then $ 3 goes to the jackpot, when the jackpot falls out - this is done at full randomness.

The site administration reserves the right to amend the rules and conditions of the game, as well as completely stop it.

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