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24/7 Betproduct Virtual Sport bets with outstanding dynamics based on real sporting events.

Our Virtual Sports focus on realism with the number of events, leagues/tournaments, graphical display, betting markets, and the gameplay, all based on the analysis of thousands of real games. This provides bettors with what they want – the most realistic virtual products in the industry.


All events in our virtual sports are based on real-match statistics so betting on a virtual sports feels the same as betting on the real thing. With new betting cycles every few minutes, we deliver a fast-paced betting experience. As the market-leading supplier of sports and betting data, all main sports markets are available with realistic odds. Events running in parallel and one-click selections placing multiple bets which payout within minutes has never been easier.

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In recent years, the number of lotteries of various suits is increasing rapidly. Many Soviet lotteries come to mind, which caused a lot of excitement among the players. Moreover, in those days, the winnings were very substantial and the happy winner could get something really scarce.


Today, the majority of lotteries offer to win exactly money - there are no scarce goods, and the need for them among consumers has disappeared. It is much more interesting to win real money! Experienced Keno players easily develop their own strategies that allow them to regularly win substantial amounts.

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To develop entertaining and revenue-driving gaming solutions for all popular bookmaker platforms is the core competence of the gaming department of BetProduct. Bookmaker are constantly looking for new ways to offer their clients innovative and fast-paced betting opportunities to tap into new revenue streams, that require no resources at their end.
Unprecedented authenticity, unique simulation and visualisation, using latest technology standards and easy integration of the product into the existing or new bookmaker-infrastructure is the challenge we daily face and master.

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API for Virtual Sports and Keno Games BetProduct  is a fully managed turn-key service that enables you to access our entire portfolio of Virtual Sports and betting products – by means of just one integration. It provides a no programming way to integrate all our current and future products into new or existing operations.
The fully-configurable API for Virtual Sports and Keno games can be adapted to any operators’ system regardless of implementation specifications and therefore enables a highly efficient and profitable management – effectively offering a hassle-free integration process.

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